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Musca Anti Collapse Mesh

Anti-Collapse Mesh for Pallet Racking

Anti-Collapse metal mesh screens provide protection for your work force in a wide range of situations.

Anti-Collapse Mesh can be fixed to the rear of pallet racking or shelving to protect operatives when there is a potential risk from falling objects. The system can also be used as a fence to reduce the risk to operatives from machinery, fork lift trucks or other mechanical handling and automated equipment.

  • Anti-Collapse Mesh can be used within all industries, whatever the specific requirements for stacking volumes involved.
  • Our Anti Collapse System allows storage areas wherever you want them, whatever the load or volume.
  • The system can be supplied in a range of mesh sizes with different spacing options between the mesh screen and the pallet rack.
  • Prevents any risk of overloading or pallet sliding in high stacking situations.
  • Vital for secure stacking and loading.
  • Guarantees optimal stability, visibility and fire security in all of our installations.
  • Just choose the function and your level of security.


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