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Industrial + Multitier Shelving

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Multi-level pick tower

stowshelf® is a modular and versatile shelving solution developed for hand-loaded light to medium-duty storage, up to 250 kg/shelf. Multi-tier installations are also available as the frame can take loads of up to 5500 kg.

The frame comprises two shelving uprights and a frame bracing system. The rectangular side holes in the uprights allow mounting of the shelf clips at a pitch of 25 mm. The round holes are for bolting or riveting of the various kinds of bracing systems.

The shelves: a unique design

    • The length of the shelf corresponds with most types of cartons and plastic containers.
    • The box-shaped edge will not twist under load.
    • The front profile is ideal for fixing labels.
    • The short side of the shelf is triple folded.
    • The double folded corners, which are clinched, give a high rigidity and high resistance against impact loads.
    • The edges are not sharp, avoiding injuries.
    • The shelves are perforated every 53 mm, allowing shelf dividers to be mounted.

The shelf clip

The shelves are supported in each corner on the clips. They are adjustable in height every 25 mm. The clip is embedded in the shelf resulting in a maximum free space. The rounded edges and flush design into the shelf prevent from injuries during goods picking.

Various accessories

Basic accessories are amongst others: footplates, levelling plates and double rack connectors. Options are end caps, bin fronts, full and half height dividers, steel drawers with dividers, back and side panels, double door sections with lock, …

The frames

The frame comprises two shelving uprights and a frame bracing system.
Three types of frames are available: the open frame, the closed frame and the braced frame.

The open frame

The standard open frame with horizontal braces. To be used in single tier installations of up to 4.5 m height, depending on the configuration & local regulations up to 1200 kg bay load.

The closed frame

The closed frame with intermediate panels. For either low or high bay installations. Depending on the configuration & local regulations up to 5500 kg bay load.

The braced frame

The open frame with diagonals. To be applied in multitier installations and for storing heavy loads. Depending on the configuration & local regulations up to 5500 kg bay load.

Industrial shelving solutions

stowshelf® can be applied in many environments. As a traditional shelving system; high-rise shelving, or a multi-tier installation. For manually picking goods or as part of an automated central store. The new stowshelf system was completely redesigned for the E-commerce industry and has become the go-to storage solution for picktowers.

Multitier flooring systems

Both, stowshelf® and Minirack® can be equipped with floors and stairs to create multi-tier applications. Two types of flooring systems are commonly used: either intermediate walkways, floor-over systems or a combination of both. For normal walkways a uniformly distributed load of 350 kg/m² is generally used. For hand- operated trucks or for storage of goods other load capacities may be specified (500 to 1000 kg/m²).

Floor decking

In general a wooden decking or a grating floor is applied. The wooden decking is a high-density chipboard, with a white finish at the underside and optionally an anti-slip coating at the upper side.

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