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Euronorms Update – 31st May 2021


One of the clear missions of stow is maintaining full compliance with the latest norms & regulations, from design over calculation, to
production and installation.

Allied Storage is now fully ready for the implementation of the updated norm EN 15512:2020 for all pallet racking based systems.
The norm is applicable as of 1st of June 2021 in all CEN member countries (excl Netherlands) and can be seen as the latest state of the
art for designing adjustable pallet racking systems.

Our engineering & sales teams are trained and all related processes are adapted, to ensure stow is fully compliant.
The update of EN 15512:2009 to EN 15512:2020 results in a safer and more uniform design in all European countries. The new norm
is more aligned with Eurocode 3, a set of European standards that includes the rules and principles for the calculaton of steel structures.

The main updates in the technical section are:

  • A new way of calculating the sway imperfection of the pallet racking frame structures. The same philosophy as Eurocode 3 has been
    applied resulting in higher inital imperfections
  • Equivalent cross-section properties of upright for resistance and stiffness are to be considered
    Load factor adopted for the unit load is equal to 1.4 and the material factor is taken equal to 1.1 for resistance of cross-sections and
    members to instability
  • Additional bending moment and defection in beam due to looseness

The application domain of this updated norm is for all pallet racking systems:

  • Pal Rack®
  • Highbay rack double deep, Satellite
  • Mobile pallet racking
  • Racking for stow Atlas® 1D and 2D
  • Pallet fow racking
  • Pick towers based on Pal Rack® components
  • Not included: stow Drive-in & Drive-through

The updated norm EN 15512:2020 doesn’t impact existing pallet racking installations in case of replacement of damaged items. The
original design standard is maintained

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