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Electronic Mobile Shelving

Electronic Mobile Shelving: Harness the Latest Technology to Monitor and Operate Your Storage Space

Bring your shelving into the 21st century with a high-density electric movable storage system that  incorporates innovative technology to monitor, protect and operate your powered shelving.

The electronic mobile system is controlled by means of an ergonomic digital touch screen present in all the bases. This display features an intuitive control system equipped with warning lights and icons as well as error reporting.

It also allows the possibility of integrating lighting in all bases, illuminating only the open aisles thereby optimizing electricity consumption and getting better lighting of used aisle. EunTronic is equipped with connections for remote service via Internet providing instant access due to any eventuality, even allowing for testing and correcting or reprogramming of the system in real time from anywhere in the world.

Security is enhanced with the system´s connection to a building’s alarm centre,  alerting security in case of unauthorized access to any of the aisles. EunTronic also allows the connection of smoke sensors to each base controls, integrating it with the building´s fire alarm centre. The system also has a “night operation mode” allowing, for example, the aperture of small gaps between bases in order to optimize the contents ventilation.

The electronic characteristics of the system are reinforced with a software management tool, a self-developed standard software provided with interfaces needed in order to communicate with any automated group product. It is capable of monitoring any activity on the automated machines, as well as integrating with any external management system.

This software integrates with any ERP management system belonging to the customer, helping to manage all types of inputs, outputs, or loans between different groups of companies or organizations oriented to centralised filing or storage. It also features an accurate representation of all locations managed by the Software. All this management is speeded up by wireless devices of all type like PDAs, bar code readers or RFID readers.

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